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Over 800,000 people go missing around the world every year. The people who aren't immediately found run a higher risk of being sold into some form of human trafficking. For many the sex trafficking industry is where they end up. This is because unlike drugs, a human can be sold over and over and over again.  

Often times, victims fall into the vicious cycle that sexual abuse often brings. Once a person is sexually exploited, they run a higher risk of becoming a perpetrator themselves.

 At Monarch, we are dedicated to ending this cycle. 

Our ultimate goal is to stop the demand for human trafficking. When the demand is halted, the supply will quickly follow. The demand is so high because it is currently extremely easy to access illegal (displaying trafficked victims and children) sexual content on the internet. Pornographic websites often stimulate the desire for this material as well as making it readily available.

We are passionate about ending the exploitation of humans.



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